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Welcome to the It’s Not Never Blog Tour

Today I am kicking off the It’s Not Never Blog Tour <cue motivational music> In the olden days authors might travel around various book shops, signing books, talking to fans, or just sitting sadly on their own (my husband used to work in WHSmiths and tells me a story of a semi celebrity author who sat in store and nobody came to see!). Today virtual tours have become de rigueur for authors, with blog tour organising services on offer from the most connected book bloggers.

Never one to spend money when I could do something myself I decided to organise our own tour for It’s Not Never. And boy was it time consuming! I had a hit rate of about 1 in 7 of the bloggers that I contacted, navigating my way through strict review criteria. Is It’s Not Never in the romance genre? Is it sci-fic? I mean it sounds it but it’s really not. Does it have a HEA? (That’s a Happy Ever After for those of you not familiar with the bookish lingo!).

What we have finished up with is a set of gorgeous, excited, and enthusiastic bloggers and bookstagrammers who over the next six days are going to post about and promote It’s Not Never, having read review copies. And they have all been instructed to write honest reviews, even though I have organised the book tour. I’ve learned over the past few months that book bloggers take this stuff seriously, they have a lot of integrity and they care about books. So what you’ll hear from them is an open and honest review. Them’s the rules of the game <wibble>

Pictures of various people holding the book It's Not Never in a 9 box grid

But whatever they say, organising this tour has been so much fun, and I wasn’t prepared for how I’d feel about the responses and seeing our book in the wild. For my parter N.G.K. this is old hat, but this is all new to me, and it’s been glorious.

A poster with the words "I'm part of the It's Not Never blog tour, May '21"

So I’ll just kick off this blog tour with a huge thank you to N.G.K. Apart from writing a fantastic book with me, all the artwork and videos you’ll see came from him. And finally, a huge thank you to all the lovely bloggers and ‘grammers. Some of them are old hands at this book tour business but for some of them this is their first tour. I can’t wait to check out everybody’s stop on the the tour. Visit them, chat to them on their social media, and enjoy being part of this lovely book community.

Here are the blogs taking part in the tour, and join us on Instagram too for the ‘grammers.

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